Fake News Is About Deception

Journalists aren't void of opinions; the problem is dishonesty

Mixing “fake news” into your media intake is like watching a nasty debate round. To me—a teacher of debate and persuasion—it’s obvious what Fake News is, how it is used to manipulate you, and how it may be overcome.

Manipulation: Most of us know of CNN’s attempt to manipulate the Clinton/Sanders debates by giving this question to Hillary ahead of the town hall debate.

How to Get to Camp for Free

There are so many discounts from the base cost, it is a steal

I am hosting the Training Minds Debate Camp in July, arguably the best collection of coaches and students in the nation. Our record speaks for itself. I price the camp high, but digging into the offers available to students, you may be able to attend for free. Let me explain.

Flow Your Ideas

At Training Minds Debate Camp, we help students understand how to flow their arguments, essentially learning how to think.

I Never Debated in High School

Sometimes the most successful aren't "the experts"

I’ve been coaching debate since 1995. I’ve had literally thousands go through my programs and study my materials. I’m very proud of the champions who have succeeded under my coaching watch. But I have a secret to tell you: I never debated in high school.

I’m pictured in the center with Dr. Chris Leland (champion coach of CCU debate team) and Scott York (founding president of Stoa Debate League).

In case you missed the tit-for-tat last week about Sen. Warren’s attempt to impugn adversaries as racists, this video should explain its importance.

“We are becoming a country incapable of having debates anymore.” —Marco Rubio

Please share this…even watch it with your children.

The Cruz/Sanders Debate on Obamacare

Let's see more displays of what debaters call "value clash"

Last night’s debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders was exactly the kind of entertainment America needs. We need more “Debate Nights” like this: value debates that unapologetically clash between the two conflicting worldviews of today’s politics.


To see a 90-second summary of the debate, click here.