I Never Debated in High School

Sometimes the most successful aren't "the experts"

I’ve been coaching debate since 1995. I’ve had literally thousands go through my programs and study my materials. I’m very proud of the champions who have succeeded under my coaching watch. But I have a secret to tell you: I never debated in high school.

I’m pictured in the center with Dr. Chris Leland (champion coach of CCU debate team) and Scott York (founding president of Stoa Debate League).

In case you missed the tit-for-tat last week about Sen. Warren’s attempt to impugn adversaries as racists, this video should explain its importance.

“We are becoming a country incapable of having debates anymore.” —Marco Rubio

Please share this…even watch it with your children.

The Cruz/Sanders Debate on Obamacare

Let's see more displays of what debaters call "value clash"

Last night’s debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders was exactly the kind of entertainment America needs. We need more “Debate Nights” like this: value debates that unapologetically clash between the two conflicting worldviews of today’s politics.


To see a 90-second summary of the debate, click here.

The Ship That Turned in 2016

Recounting 2016 shift in publishing, and a promising 2017 to come

The close of this year is a reflective time for me because I feel I have completed the most successful year in my nearly 20 years of publishing. And if you’re into speech and debate, wait till you hear what I have planned for next year!


The Jeub Christmas Letter 2016

Written by 5-year-old Elijah, our youngest of 16 children

From my family to yours: Merry Christmas! This year my 16-year-old daughter (Tabitha) took the initiative to write our family’s Christmas letter…kind of. She was in a conversation with her 5-year-old son, and she decided to start transcribing it. Check it out.

Jeub Family Christmas 2016

Click to Read Our 2016 Christmas Letter

How I Eventually Stumped for Trump

And a challenge to test your own understanding

“How can you support such a vile man?” is pretty much what my relatives and old friends have been asking me of my support for the Trump presidency. Early on, I was against Trump, but I eventually turned to cast my vote for him, support him, and even appreciate him. This post explains how I came to such conclusions.

Election Night at the Jeubs: My son, Joshua, and the media prediction that was wrong.

Election Night at the Jeubs: My son, Joshua, and the media prediction…that was totally wrong.

A Pathetic First Debate

What our debate club thought of the largest TV event in history

I attended our debate club last night in Castle Rock. Popcorn and soda livened up the evening. One of the coaches gave a short lesson on analyzing how the presidential candidates should be evaluated. If only they acted presidential.

Dr. Brody giving some pointers on how to assess the presidential candidates.

Dr. Brody giving some pointers on how to assess the presidential candidates.