No Time for Jet Lag and First Pictures from Melbourne

More evidence that God was taking care of us: We handled the jet lag thing perfectly. Here’s what we did—plus our first pictures of our first day in Melbourne.

Wendy and I arrived yesterday morning, and we jumped right into seeing Melbourne.

Wendy and I arrived yesterday morning, and we jumped right into seeing Melbourne.

We boarded at 11:00pm in Los Angeles after a full day of walking Laguna Beach. It was restful, but there wasn’t much stopping us from sacking out on the plane. Instead, we forced ourselves to stay up as late as we possibly could–watching a movie and eating food. At approximately 5:00am LA time, we popped a sleeping pill and slept for much of the remaining ride. We woke for the last three-to-four hours of the 16-hour flight.

We felt extremely well-rested, and the time of arrival was 8:00am Melbourne time. We had the rest of the day ahead of us! We wasted little time. Breakfast was awesome (Alissa is a chef, ya know) and walked into the city. We knocked ourselves out, getting a nice overview of the city. The remainder of our stay will be digging deeper into some of the highlights—the Melbourne Markets, the Melbourne Zoo (nearly right across the street from where Alissa and Assad live), Eureka Tower, etc. We are even talking about taking a ferry around the bay. Who knows…we will plan all that later.

At the end of the day, we enjoyed a nice swim in the apartment’s pool. I’m up early (as usual), feeling fully accustomed to the Melbourne timezone. Everyone else is sleeping. Perhaps dreaming of the next full day.

Enjoy these pictures. If you wish, you can tag along by following these instructions.

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