Introduction to Lincoln-Douglas Debate with Red Book

I’m pictured in the center with Dr. Chris Leland (champion coach of CCU debate team) and Scott York (founding president of Stoa Debate League).

I’ve been coaching debate since 1995. I’ve had literally thousands go through my programs and study my materials. The picture above was taken at Focus on the Family in 2012 when I ran the largest debate tournament in (at that time) history, pictured with the Tournament Director and league president.

But I have a secret to tell you: I never debated in high school.

That’s right. I was invited, but I was “too busy” with other mindless activities to join the debate team. That has turned out to be the biggest regret of my life. I would have been awesome. 

However, I don’t kick myself too much. When I entered debate teaching in 1995 (I was an English teacher) I fell in love with the sport of debate and devoured every resource I could get my hands on. Needless to say, I was disappointed at the quality of resources (well, lack of it) because they were typically written by champions or champion coaches who didn’t write to the basics. They had plenty to share about strategy and winning, but not much to say at the bare basics. I was brand new and needed to start at square one!

That’s how Blue Book for Policy Debate is written. It dials all the way back to the basics of debate, explains the structure of the debate round and then merges into the strategy of competition. It offers real models of debates and weaves the learning into the new year of the topic. I co-wrote Blue Book for Policy Debate with the new debater in mind.

And that’s you!

For each video below, click on the title and watch the video. You do not have to leave this page to advance; all the videos and lessons are linkable from this one page. I suggest you bookmark it and keep it for future reference. You will have access to the videos for one full year from purchase.

Unit I: Structure of Policy Debate

  • Lesson 1: Preparation for Policy Debate (Watch for Free!)
  • Lesson 2: Speaker Responsibilities
  • Lesson 3: Flowing

Unit II: Strategy of Policy Debate

  • Lesson 4: Elements of an Affirmative Case
  • Lesson 5: Stock Issues and Other Elements of Debate
  • Lesson 6: Research

Unit III: Models of Policy Debate

  • Lesson 7: Domestic Surveillance
  • Lesson 8: Federal Court Reform
  • Lesson 9: Trade With China

Unit IV: Ready for Competition

  • Lesson 10: Your Policy Debate League
  • Lesson 11: Understanding the Status Quo
  • Lesson 12: Spotlight Cases

Bonus Videos

  • Bonus Lesson #1: Cross-examination with Vance Trefethen
  • Bonus Lesson #2: Teaching Blue Book