The Jeub Monster Download

I have a download for you, a real “monster” download. I call it the Jeub Monster Download, and you get it free with your subscription to my blog. This is a big give-away, and I have my reasons for being so generous.

All My Books

It is hard to believe I publish so much during the summer months.

Perhaps it seems awkward to tie my personal blog to the Jeub Monster Download. The download is all about speech and debate, which is my job. On my personal blog, I’ll talk about business, my family, philosophical or relational issues — not always about speech and debate — but I have good reasons I believe you’ll still want to subscribe to

The Value

The biggest reason: the download. It is nearly 100 pages of the 2,000 I published this summer. It’s massive (which is why I call it the Jeub Monster Download). It contains samples from 10 brand new resources, all condensed into one easy download.

Can I be honest? It wasn’t until I had it all in one download that I realized, “Man-oh-man, I have a lot to offer here!” This thing is a beast! These are all stand-alone downloads that you can use in your homeschool right away. Check this list out:

  1. Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate – Chapter 1 of the $20 book
  2. Ironman Curriculum – Introduction to the $60 curriculum
  3. Blue Book Stoa Edition – Sample from the $30 sourcebook
  4. Blue Book NCFCA Edition – Sample from the $30 sourcebook
  5. Red Book Stoa Edition – Sample from the $30 sourcebook
  6. Red Book NCFCA Edition – Sample from the $30 sourcebook
  7. Gold Book – Sample from the $30 sourcebook
  8. Silver Book Stoa Edition – Sample from the $30 sourcebook
  9. Silver Book NCFCA Edition – Sample from the $30 sourcebook
  10. Bronze Book – Sample from the $30 sourcebook

Did you add this totals up? These are samples from $320 worth of sourcebook material, written by champion speakers, debaters and coaches. Honestly, this is a fantastic deal in its own right.

But, I gotta be even more honest and say that I have an alternative motive for doing this:

I want you to be connected with me

If I just wanted to give this away to you, I’d just give it away to you. But there’s a catch. You have to subscribe to to get your Jeub Monster Download.

I hope this isn’t a deal breaker for you. I don’t like to give my email out either, and I don’t like filling my email box up with frivolous emails either. But I have big plans in the future, most related to speech and debate activities, that I want you to be aware of. In the next year I plan to…

  • Run tournaments, camps and other events for you
  • Launch a members-only website hub for personal coaching support
  • Host a podcast for speech and debate, business, and my family
  • Travel the country on a speaking tour and at least 10 tournaments

Yes, I have a lot going on. If you are a speaker and debater, I bet you do, too. I want us to stick with each other on these adventures. We’ll connect throughout the year, perhaps even in person.

All in all, you will want to subscribe to The Jeub Monster Download is a good reason, but connecting with one another through a friendly email reminder is even better. Let’s head into our monster year together. See you at some tournaments!

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