No Gatekeeper Here

We live in the Connection Age. Gone are the days of publisher gatekeepers who step in and take care of petty emails from readers. I love this age much more than the previous. I had three encounters in the past month that showed why this is a much better age than the last.

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Growing a Membership

I'm taking Stu McClaren's Tribe Course, and it's going great

Stu McClaren asked me, “What is it that drives you to create a membership site?” Let me tell you who Stu is, give my public answer to his question, and invite you to two things that I bet will be of benefit to you.

Platform Conference 2014

Stu McClaren (bottom right) at the Platform Conference in Tennesee. This is where he planted the seed in my mind for a membership site.

Olympians Are Polyphasic Sleepers

Olympic champs are trained to take quick naps before competition

I am a polyphasic sleeper, meaning I structure my sleep schedule to maximize my sleep efficiency by structuring several naps through the day. Turns out that Olympians do the same.

I take naps in cars often. Apparently, just like Michael Phelps.

I take naps in cars often. Apparently, just like Michael Phelps.

When I’m most disciplined, I get four hours of sleep per 24 hour cycle. This allows for 28 more hours of productive awake time per week. I have adjusted this more radical sleep schedule to add two hours per night and a reduction of one nap per day (down to two). In all, I get 6 hours and 20 minutes of sleep per 24 hour cycle. Still, this is an additional 12 hours of productivity per week.

We Love Samaritan Because It Works

Government rarely provides more efficient, more effective, or more affordable solutions than private sector solutions. But sometimes private sector solutions fall short, too. This is why I opt out of both solutions when it comes to my family’s healthcare.

This small group of people take care of over 100,000 people and their health care needs.

My household is one of the 30,000 members of Samaritan Ministries, a healthcare collective who — like “good Samaritans” — help one another through healthcare-related emergencies. It is…

  1. NOT a government healthcare plan. Samaritan is one of the many exceptions to the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). We have not needed (nor wanted) to accept Obamacare’s health care solution and we do not need to pay a tax penalty for our refusal.
  2. NOT a private insurance company. We do not own typical health insurance. This may seem risky to some, but we have never been without our medical needs taken care of.

Wendy and I are absolutely convinced that Samaritan Ministries is the best solution for my family. It may be the best solution for you, too.

I’d like to share with you why I’m so confident in this alternative solution. It is definitely a paradigm shift, but I have found it far worth it for the sake of these three considerations: efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. These are considerations usually decided upon by everyone but you — the doctors, the insurance company, or the government. Samaritan puts these in your control, and I think that’s worth it. Let’s explore each.


You know the idea behind pruning, don’t you? To grow a tree or bush, cut back a portion of its larger branches, even fruitful ones. I’ve been doing a lot of pruning lately, and I already see the healthy benefits.

Sometimes we need to cut back in order to get the fruit we want.

Sometimes we need to cut back in order to get the fruit we want.

Meet Your Sourcebook Authors (there are more than you think!)

This post is a virtual high-five to nearly 50 writers and editors to this year’s edition of Monument Publishing sourcebooks. These young people (and a few old fogies like me) dedicated much of their summers to make sure homeschool speakers and debaters are totally prepared for the upcoming tournament season.

2014 Author Collage from piZap

Join the Jeubs at Platform in November

I attended the first Platform Conference early 2013 and absolutely loved it. Now that Platform is coming to Colorado Springs, I’m bringing my wife, Wendy, and anyone else who wants to join us in November. And I have a way for you to save $100 off the cover charge!

Wendy and I pictured with cofounder of the Platform Conference, Ken Davis.

Wendy and I pictured with cofounder of the Platform Conference, Ken Davis.