When an Argument Turns Sour

You can find the reason...and it usually has little to do with the actual argument

I asked the question on my Facebook page, “Think of an argument you had with someone, but you lost (or at least feel like you did). What was the argument?” My friend, Andrew, responded, and his explanation became a perfect example of when an argument turns into a disaster.

Measuring Graduation

I watched the Thunderbirds fly over our home — just a few miles north of the Academy — for the Air Force Academy graduation. It reminded me of this article published in 2011.

I took an Excursion full of Jeubs to a homeschool graduation party last night. Six students were graduating — all speech and debate students — several Training Minds alumni. Over a hundred people assembled on a ranch and, despite some hefty rain, we all enjoyed the celebration of these young people graduating from high school.

On graduations: The real measurement is where they will be in a few years.

U.S. Air Force Academy graduates throw their hats in the air as the Thunderbirds fly overhead signaling the end of the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, Colorado Springs, Colo., May 30, 2007. Defense Dept. photo by Cherie A. Thurlby (released)

Limited Seating for Keynote Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow is Training Minds Camp’s keynote speaker, set to speak in two weeks, and you’re invited! (Details below.) Let me give you a sneak peak into what Josh is speaking on, and why it is important to you.

Josh (2nd from left) connecting with others at the For Action Conference.

Blimey Cow creator Josh Taylor (2nd from left) connecting with others at the For Action Conference.

Josh spoke at our first-ever For Action Conference at Focus on the Family in January. He joined seasoned speakers like Andrew Pudewa, Jim Daly, James O’Keefe, and yours-truly in this special three-day event geared toward millennials. There were other millennials speaking at this conference, but Josh brought the most enthusiasm and expertise to the table, and the kids ate it up.

One Page to Blogging

If my mom can blog, so can you. Nothing against my mom  — she’s intelligent, wise, and the most spiritually sound person I know. She’s just not the kind of person who jives with technology. Nevertheless, today she’s a daily blogger at www.JudyJeub.com.

I just know there are lots of Judy Jeubs out there. These are people who have all the desire in the world to share their thoughts with the world, but they’re sort of stuck in the old world of book publishing and magazine submissions.

Sale Ends Tomorrow for For Action CD Set

I dream big, don’t you? I like to dig deep into the corners of life that actually mean something, that bring value to those around me, and to the greater good of mankind. But sometimes I need to bring it all down to earth.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

Down to earth is where platform builders need to be, at least when it comes to getting the work done. In January, I gathered a dozen speakers and 50 attendees for what was perhaps the best down-to-earth conference to help close the gap between  dreams and reality.

This was the For Action Conference. Wow, was it something else! We spent three days learning incredible secrets from some of the most dynamic minds in the active world.

If you missed it, no worries. I have most of the conference on CD, and we’re running a sale through tomorrow for you. I have three “action items” for you to consider that will help you on your journey to action in your life.

Not Much

The ministry I run, Training Minds Ministry, is often misunderstood to be all about debate competition. The action isn’t the tournaments, though debaters often think it is.


Tournaments are the arenas of competition, the stages of practice for real life. I love it when our debaters take top awards, but that isn’t the end-all. Those trophies will stack up in their parents’ attic and fade to dust.

Pictures of the For Action Conference

I just finished the first of what I hope to be many For Action Conference. We convinced 48 student from 11 different states to travel to Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs to hear what a handful of innovative thinkers have to say to up and coming young adults.

Some people are afraid of young adults. I'm not.

Some people are afraid of young adults. I’m not.

For Action Starts Today

Last night I enjoyed dinner with a room full of talent and optimism. They were the speakers for our For Action Conference, which starts at 2:00 PM today at Focus on the Family. After eating, I delivered three important items to them, and in a funny sort of way, each represented the weekend and their contributions to what is coming up.

After eating, I passed out three things to get ready FOR ACTION.

After eating, I passed out three things to get ready FOR ACTION.