The Shack Is About Trauma, not the Trinity

Theological explanations mean little, and they miss an important message

For those who have experienced trauma, The Shack (the novel and now movie) is a profound story that has extreme power to heal. But to some, The Shack is heresy and evil. Let me explain the conflict between the two.

The Shack is a run-away bestseller that attempts to explain how God is with us through our pain.

Fake News Is About Deception

Journalists aren't void of opinions; the problem is dishonesty

Mixing “fake news” into your media intake is like watching a nasty debate round. To me—a teacher of debate and persuasion—it’s obvious what Fake News is, how it is used to manipulate you, and how it may be overcome.

Manipulation: Most of us know of CNN’s attempt to manipulate the Clinton/Sanders debates by giving this question to Hillary ahead of the town hall debate.