Jeub Guide to the 2016 Stoa Member Vote

In all our choices, I'm leaning toward simplicity and planning

The Stoa Speech and Debate League released its list of voting measures for the 2016-2017 school year. Whether or not you’re a member of Stoa, you may find my analysis helpful in understanding how I believe a speech and debate league should grow and prosper.


This is me kicking off the 2012 award ceremony for Stoa NITOC in Colorado Springs.

Adios, Puerto Rico!

What a fabulous week this has been in Puerto Rico. Wendy and I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing, rejuvenating anniversary celebration. Here are some more pictures I failed to post. 

San Juan

The second half of our week was spent closer to San Juan, capitol of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Dobson’s Poignant Advice: Get Away, No Kids, Alone

For our 25th Anniversary, we're off to the Caribbean Sea

In one of my personal conversations with Dr. James Dobson while I worked at Focus on the Family, he asked me if I ever got away with my wife. “Nah,” I replied. “Wendy and I are too busy with kids!” I thought I was funny, but Doc didn’t.

Dr. Dobson's admonition is perhaps the best advice I've ever received on marriage.

Dr. Dobson’s admonition is perhaps the best advice I’ve ever received on marriage.

Rock’n Debate Tournament Photos

My third tournament as the official photographer

I think I’m getting pretty good at being the tournament photographer. I hope these photos capture profound moments in how debate trains young people for great futures.

Seven-judge panel hearing the final round of parliamentary debate.

A Meditation on Christian Hatred

How "turning the cheek" is not such a bad idea afterall

My 9-year-old son came across a disgraceful picture of me on the Internet, a photoshopped gangster/pimp looking mockery of me with crazy eyes and a fat money chain around my neck. Its creator was trying to portray me as greedy, a father of so many children just so that I can write books about them and make a lot of money. I find that crass judgment of me easy to brush off, but my son asked, “Why do people hate you so much, Dad?”

The Sack of Rome, 455 AD.

The Vandal Sack of Rome, 455 A.D.

I Teach Debate, Not Agendas

I'm convinced that this kind of "ministry" is much better

In the past couple of years, I’ve put my ministry (Training Minds) on hold to instead focus on my publishing business (Monument Publishing). I have several good reasons for doing so, but I haven’t lost sight of my very personal conviction to “train minds for action.” I’ve faced some criticism for this, but I’m convinced I’m on the right track.

Here's a camp picture of students working together to come up with the best arguments against a case given by their coach. This is "training for action."

Here’s a camp picture of students working together to come up with the best arguments against a case given by their coach. This is “training for action.”