Under Pressure

David Bowie's death inspired this meditation

One song on my iPod that I listen to often is one I downloaded several years ago, its lyrics striking me through several trials in my life. Perhaps this is why I was in such a reflective mood yesterday when hearing of David Bowie passed awayUnder Pressure I suspect to be one of his best works.

"It's the terror of knowing what this world is about."

“The terror of knowing what this world is about.”

The Gun Debate

If you get angry over this debate, think like a debater

You may think that debaters are trained to be hot-headed blowhards, but the exact opposite is true. Only untrained debaters are typical hot-heads in conversations. Everyone should think like a debater. Everyone. And I’m going to show you how.

President Tears and Fears

Debaters are trained to follow the research, not emotional appeals or fallacious claims.