Comparison Sheet of the Three Main Speech and Debate Leagues

I know, the year has barely begun, but I’m already planning ahead for next year. I updated this important spreadsheet comparing NSDA, NCFCA and Stoa leagues. You may download a PDF or access the live document here. Enjoy!

A Teenage Mother of a Crisis Pregnancy

Listen to Wendy's reminder of life and love 32 years after her teenage pregnancy

If you have ever encounter a “crisis” pregnancy – as a young girl, as her boyfriend, or as a friend or relative who cares — you will find Wendy’s testimony very encouraging. She gave this speech at the annual fundraising banquet for the pregnancy center that counseled her 32 years ago.

Wendy with one of her "crisis" pregnancies, her daughter Alissa.

My wife, Wendy, with one of her “crisis” pregnancies, our daughter Alissa.

14 and Pregnant

Wendy Jeub's story of her experience with the Pine City Pregnancy Resource Center

My wife, Wendy, speaks tonight in Pine City, Minnesota, for the Pregnancy Resource Center’s yearly fundraising banquet. It is the center she received counsel when she was a 14-year-old pregnant girl. It’s not a past she likes to speak about, but it is quite the remarkable and encouraging story.

Wendy sometimes speaks on her past, as she will tonight in Pine City.

Wendy sometimes speaks on her past, as she will tonight in Pine City, Minnesota.

Happy 50th Anniversary

Some pictures from the celebration, plus my favorite

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. About a hundred guests showed up to celebrate their monumental date, most of them relatives. This picture is by far my favorite:

Grandma, Grandpa and the grandchildren.

Grandma, Grandpa and the grandchildren.

Yet Another Selfie

This is going to annoy my friend, but I can't help but post another selfie

A friend of mine spent a good deal of time trying to explain to me why he didn’t like the selfies I post. He packaged it as a cultural analysis of sorts: it was reflective of bad parenting, a self-centered culture, and a litany of other negative things. I just know he’s going to hate this one I posted yesterday:

Christmas gift idea for me: a selfie stick.

Christmas gift idea for me: a selfie stick.

Joy in the Imperfect Family

Letting go of what you think family should be allows us to truly love

Did you or your parents strive to make the perfect family? Ridiculous as it sounds, I relate to the initial desire. I have found much more joy in stumbling across imperfection. 

Another crazy family selfie. I really need to get a selfie stick.

Another imperfect family selfie. I really need to get a selfie stick.

Early Season Addenda Now Available

They're ready for you to download for your first tournaments

I’ve arrived to the end of my publishing cycle for the year. All seven sourcebooks that Monument Publishing sells — the manuals written by champions students and coaches specifically tailored for speech and debate events — have all their content available. Let me explain how you get 100% of your material for your preparation.

All early season addenda are now available.

All early season addenda are now available.

The Best of Times

I cannot recall a time when the worst of times didn't lead to the best

Last week was the worst. Three trials in my life weighed in on my family, and I was left feeling like I was at the end. But a very interesting sign caught my attention at just the right time. It gave me a good amount of hope, and I hope it gives you hope, too.

I wasn't sure about the "beautiful" part.

I wasn’t sure about the “beautiful” part.

Free Silver Book Worksheets

No strings attached. It's just free, and I have good reasons.

For a limited time, I’m giving away the 2015 Silver Book Worksheets for free. No obligation, no strings attached, no “gimme all your information so I can bug you later” gimmicks.


Just. Plain. Free. And here is the link to your ABSOLUTELY FREE download.

But if you really want to know why I’m giving this resource for free, click on. Especially competitors in apologetics, I think you will like what I have to say…