New Category: Hiking in Colorado

I feel sort of embarrassed to tell you this. My family has lived in Colorado for 14 years. We should know the foothills of the Front Range like the back of our hands by now, but we don’t. We’re going to change that.

Hiking 2014

Finger Mountain in the background, this trail is just minutes from our home.

I’m starting a new blog category: “Hiking.” Not a hiker? That’s okay. I suspect you’re going to like this added journey to my blog anyway. I believe there are many reasons hiking will be good for my family, three come to mind more prominently. Hiking is…

  1. good for the spirit.
  2. good for the family.
  3. good for the physique.

Even if you don’t live in Colorado, I hope you find this blog category helpful to you. We all can use help in these three areas of our life, can’t we? Let me explore a little deeper with you.

Living the Dream

Moses lead God’s people out of slavery, and he certainly was a complex bible hero (Ridley Scott met my expectations). I like to think I identify with Moses, but I don’t. Things for me tend to go more like the guy on the other end of the 400 years of slavery, Joseph.

Joseph King of Dreams

Moses had it easy, arguably easier than any bible hero. He grew up in the wealthiest and most privileged of households, adopted into the family of the Pharaoh of Egypt. He eventually is exiled, but gets a unique face-to-face with God that no one in the world experienced for hundreds of years. Yes, Moses had quite the task in front of him, but he was given a magic wand (well, a staff), plagues, natural disasters, and the ability to split seas. Moses’ circumstances seem to work in his favor.

Rewind 400 years. Joseph’s circumstances seemed to never work out. Lately, I identify more with Joseph.

Sure, the story concludes with him the most powerful guy in the world, but his circumstances before then were brutal (I’ll get to that in a little bit). The point I’m making now is this:

Misfortunes happen, circumstances that aren’t entirely our fault — betrayals and hate and false witness come our way. How we respond is where the restoration (or the demise) awaits us.

I believe God sympathizes with our circumstantial pain. But I’m learning a lot about how to resist feeding that pain. This is a unique power that Joseph had, and he showed us how to wield that power ourselves. Three characteristics of Joseph shows us how.

The List of Coupon Codes, in case you missed them

My publishing company, Monument Publishing, is ending its 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway today. For the past 12 days, I’ve queued up a free gift for speech and debate families. Today’s download is the most valuable of all, but the coupon codes (which expire today) are even more valuable.

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5 Reasons for FREE 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

I’m already on the third day of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway at Monument Publishing. I apologize for not letting you know sooner. I have a very specific goal in mind for this campaign, and you will be interested in how this affects you.

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Click to subscribe to notifications.

Here’s the “deal,” though it technically is not a sale. The Monument Publishing 12 Days of Christmas is a “giveaway.” I’m launching 12 free items specifically tailored to the Monument Publishing audience. So, speakers and debaters — or even homeschoolers with a subtle interest in the “homeschool sport,” as I like to call it — have nothing to lose in any of these free items.

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