Our Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

I have a guest blogger today! This is from my dear wife, Wendy. She’s a master chef who can stir up a killer Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I bet you have dinner preparations on your mind. Chris and I consider food to be a most treasured tradition for any holiday, especially Thanksgiving, and I would like to share with your one of our favorite Thanksgiving dinner sides: sweet & sour green beans.

Adding 28 Hours More per Week

I sleep four hours every 24-hour cycle. I am healthier and more alert than ever, my sleep is extremely rewarding, and I gain up to an extra 28 hours of productive awake time every week. For the past 20 months, I have implemented a thorough and successful polyphasic sleep schedule. I’d like to share with you how it’s going.

There are several polyphasic sleep schedules, and I've adapted my own.

There are several polyphasic sleep schedules, and I’ve adapted my own.