Every Family’s Thing

Wouldn’t it be great to quit the mindless job you have now and do what you love with your family, 24/7? It doesn’t really matter what your “thing” is. You can most likely make a living at that which you love, as my family has done for the last decade. Let me give you some background and explain more.

The Jeubs have enjoyed many fruitful years doing our "thing."

The Jeubs have enjoyed many fruitful years doing our “thing” together.

Three Homeschool Fads We Have Abandoned

Public and home educators aren’t as different as they think in respect to fads. They each have their own silver bullet idea that is promised to miraculously pump out perfect test scores and most holy adult children. Experienced educators see through them, and the most experienced can tell stories of the merits and flaws of the fads they walked through. I’d like to explore (and sort of confess) three of them.

Getting your kids ready for graduation is a long journey.

All fads promise perfect graduates. Reality is something different.

Celebration Sale!

My publishing cycle has come to an end for another year. I’m feeling festive and generous, so I came up with a 50% deal, and you’ll want a piece of the action.

I’m offering a 50% off deal to celebrate my business life’s wildly busy-but-successful publishing cycle. It came to an end last night when I released our October Addenda — hundreds of pages of additional content to our five signature sourcebooks. I cannot truly explain how awesome that feels!