What Exactly About Patriarchy Needs to Go?

In April I responded to the Doug Phillips sex scandal by publicly decrying that Patriarchy Has Got to GoMy little tweet in the wilderness made an impact, but homeschool leader and co-founder of HSLDA Michael Farris dropped a bombshell last week.

Doug Phillips and his family strategies

The ideology of patriarchy spread far and wide within homeschooling through the resources of Doug Phillips.

My Testimony

The kinds of testimonies at altar calls often involve booze, car accidents and wild partying. Mine qualifies, but I still hesitate to share it openly. My reasons will probably surprise you.

In 1986

“Becoming a Christian for me was different than what others seem to think it should have been.”

Wendy and Her Fear of Speaking

Last year Michael Hyatt’s team asked me to write about public speaking for his popular blog, www.michaelhyatt.com. As president of a public speaking ministry, I was honored, but I insisted that the real star was my wife, Wendy. She attended the SCORRE Conference in 2011 and had a metamorphic experience. She took the helm and wrote this most excellent article below, originally published August 10, 2013.

Following Michael Hyatt’s lead, I guess you can say I have a significant platform. I’m mother of sixteen children. There’s “wow” for you. Needless to say, I get asked to speak for all sorts of occasions—women’s groups, conventions, and churches. I have a unique message on “Love in the House” that I enjoy sharing.


Meet Your Sourcebook Authors (there are more than you think!)

This post is a virtual high-five to nearly 50 writers and editors to this year’s edition of Monument Publishing sourcebooks. These young people (and a few old fogies like me) dedicated much of their summers to make sure homeschool speakers and debaters are totally prepared for the upcoming tournament season.

2014 Author Collage from piZap