Uncertain? Get the Free Samples

Together, all seven Monument Publishing Sourcebooks tackle the new and vital information for competitors, but many homeschoolers are uncertain what events to participate. That’s why we have samples, and they’re intentional, valuable, and (best of all) FREE.


First of all, these samples are intentional — meaning, they help guide you in the direction you should go. Each sample has the table of contents for the larger book. Simply eyeballing the topics the editors arranged is helpful for speakers and debaters.

Secondly, the samples are valuable. The cases for the debate sourcebooks sell for $10 each outside of the sourcebook. The speech resources, too, can be used right off the bat with extemp, apologetics, and speech. These downloads will definitely help you, whether or not you intend to buy the main book.

Finally, these downloads are 100% free. No purchase necessary. You get a taste of the larger sourcebooks with your download. So even if you aren’t quite sure what events you’ll be participating, you can still download the free samples for your competitive preparation.

August 1: All Sourcebooks Ship

We’re gonna make it. All our sourcebooks will be shipped the first week of August. I like to give the most perks as possible to customers who preorder, saving good money for their speech and debate preparation.

Pictured: A debate team at our Texas Camp last week.

Our sourcebooks gear students up for a successful competitive year in speech and debate.

My Favorite, Bronze Book

Though this is not my bestselling book, it is my favorite: Bronze BookI’d like to explain why. If you aspire to be a champion speaker in Stoa or NCFCA — especially if you’re a coach — you’ll like this story.

2014-04-06 10.33.11

First, let me tell you about Ellen Densmore (pictured), one of the two editors of Bronze Book, who wrote the new educational chapters in the sourcebook. I’ll get to that in a minute, but let me quick highlight: Ellen won thousands of dollars in scholarships from the speaking skills she learned in speech, this being a picture from the American Legion. She’s now a student at Colorado Christian University with a significant amount of her college paid.

Just sayin’. Success in competitive speech can be worth thousands of dollars. But anyway, back to my story…

Limited Seating for Keynote Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow is Training Minds Camp’s keynote speaker, set to speak in two weeks, and you’re invited! (Details below.) Let me give you a sneak peak into what Josh is speaking on, and why it is important to you.

Josh (2nd from left) connecting with others at the For Action Conference.

Blimey Cow creator Josh Taylor (2nd from left) connecting with others at the For Action Conference.

Josh spoke at our first-ever For Action Conference at Focus on the Family in January. He joined seasoned speakers like Andrew Pudewa, Jim Daly, James O’Keefe, and yours-truly in this special three-day event geared toward millennials. There were other millennials speaking at this conference, but Josh brought the most enthusiasm and expertise to the table, and the kids ate it up.

My Frustration Means Freebie for You

Yes, the NCFCA changed the wording of their debate resolution yesterday. Their fine print said they may. We had already written and released our free debate case the day before yesterday. And now it’s not all that topical. Grrrr.

US history with the Middle East is fascinating.

US history with the Middle East is fascinating.

This is frustrating for people like Vance and me who are pounding out content as fast as we can to get it ready for debaters nationwide, then bam, the game changes. It’s frustrating for you, too, if you downloaded the case these past couple of days. You will have to re-download when we have an alternative case.

So, let me make it up to you. My hastiness gave me an idea that you’re going to like, even if you’re not in NCFCA or a debater.

Last Call for Camps

Today’s the first day of July, which for summer training means Training Minds Camp registrations are closing. [Update: We have extended registration through July 6.] We have the absolute best programs for you, but you need to register today in order to take full advantage of “training minds for action.”

Our results and testimonials speak for themselves.

We have a lot of fun at camp, but our results and testimonials make camp awesome.