Stranded, but These Good People Responded in Amazing Ways

I was supposed to return home on Monday morning for Memorial Day with the rest of the family, but we were stranded with a broken down van in California. I had six children, no place to go, mechanics off for the weekend, at a loss of what to do.

At every turn, we found Gods people willing to help.

At every turn, we found God’s people willing to help.

We’ve been in worse situations before. Wendy and my book, Love in the Houseopens with this story of breaking down in the middle of an Indian reservation (I added the excerpt below). The teenagers that were with me in California remember the dire straights we were in. Such dilemmas put a lot of stress on the family.

I have found that in times of stress and worry, God’s people come out of the woodwork and lend a hand. Let me tell you the story, and let a few of its details settle in.

Why We Need to Connect at NITOC

Approximately 500 families are gathering in San Diego for the National Invitational Tournament of Champions. The fires from last week displaced us until just recently: we received word that we will finish off NITOC at San Diego State University.

Come by to visit or to save big at the Training Minds vendor booth at NITOC.

Come by to visit and to save big at the Training Minds vendor booth at NITOC.

If you’re here, be sure to stop by our booth. Let’s not have this opportunity of being together in San Diego get away from us, for there are a number of great resources I have for you, both for now and next year:

Power Judging

The San Diego fires have put a damper on the National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC). With Cal State San Marcos closed, over 500 families from across the country are having to adjust to perhaps the wackiest nationals schedule ever.

Pictured: my NITC campers having fun the day before competition. As you can see, the fires have made things rough.

Pictured: my NITC campers and coaches having fun the day before competition. As you can see, the fires have made things rough.

Thank God that the best tournament directors in the nation are in charge. No offense to all the other TDs in the nation, but sorry, Craig and Julie Smith are big shoes to fill. I sincerely believe they are the most punctual, efficient, wise directors in the nation.

Intensive Coaches

I’m in Escondido, California, for our first-of-two national tournament preparation camps. Later this morning, 45 debaters from across the country will be coached by these folks:

NITC Coaches

Coaches meeting, the day before our big NITC day.

The TMB Giveaway

If you are a subscriber to Training Minds emails or a Facebook Fan of its page, you got an invitation to one of 25 free copies of my company’s newest resource: the Training Minds BinderI’d like to announce the winners, but first let me explain what they won. It’s a brand new product that I’m most excited about, and both students and coaches will be too.

Training Minds Binders

Training Minds 1-Day Public Speaking Intensive

Training Minds Public Speaking Intensive

I’m thrilled about this 1-day public speaking intensive taking place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. A group of competitive speakers and debaters are helping lead a group of young people through proven speaking methods that help students get over their fear of speaking and deliver with confidence a well thought-through speech. If you are between 10 and 18, you will want to be part of this new Training Minds event. (more…)

Sourcebook Upgrades (and Save 10 Bucks)

I’ve been publishing sourcebooks for homeschoolers since 1998. Every year my team of coaches and debaters pull together the highly anticipated Blue, Red, Gold, Silver and Bronze books — just in time for the start of the school year. They have their advantages, but there are some unfortunate disadvantages.

Blue Book sourcebook material.

No doubt about it: If you’re speaking or debating, you’ll need the sourcebook material.

Help Fill Jeub Judging Slots

Throughout tournament season, our friends get asked several times to judge speech and debate tournaments. The Jeubs have five competitors involved in 22 total events, and we need to provide judges at tournaments we attend. Needless to say, we rely on our friends (could be you) for help!

You could be a big help, and it isn't as difficult or scary as you think.

You could be a big help, and it isn’t as difficult or scary as you think.

Finishing as Strong As You Can

In less than two weeks I’ll be in San Marcos, California, preparing for our Nationals Intensive Training Camp. We’ll have 50+ students and coaches gathering for a “Secret Society” of national debate champs.

NITC 2014

Let me explain briefly what this event will be, then invite you to consider future events like it.