Here I stand
In the light of day
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway

from Walt Disney’s “Frozen”

(iPhone 4)

One Page to Blogging

If my mom can blog, so can you. Nothing against my mom  — she’s intelligent, wise, and the most spiritually sound person I know. She’s just not the kind of person who jives with technology. Nevertheless, today she’s a daily blogger at

I just know there are lots of Judy Jeubs out there. These are people who have all the desire in the world to share their thoughts with the world, but they’re sort of stuck in the old world of book publishing and magazine submissions.

Sale Ends Tomorrow for For Action CD Set

I dream big, don’t you? I like to dig deep into the corners of life that actually mean something, that bring value to those around me, and to the greater good of mankind. But sometimes I need to bring it all down to earth.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

Down to earth is where platform builders need to be, at least when it comes to getting the work done. In January, I gathered a dozen speakers and 50 attendees for what was perhaps the best down-to-earth conference to help close the gap between  dreams and reality.

This was the For Action Conference. Wow, was it something else! We spent three days learning incredible secrets from some of the most dynamic minds in the active world.

If you missed it, no worries. I have most of the conference on CD, and we’re running a sale through tomorrow for you. I have three “action items” for you to consider that will help you on your journey to action in your life.

Go With the Flow

This is how most people watch debates: they sit on their duffs and watch. Perhaps they yell at the computer screen or live-blog or tweet their own responses. This may be personally gratifying — something I’ve done with Presidential debates in the past — but with the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate over the viability of creation science, I genuinely wanted to learn something.

If you don't flow the round, you won't be a good judge of the debate.

If you don’t flow the round, you won’t be a good judge of the debate.

Enter THE FLOW, a system of recording arguments presented in a debate round that allows viewers to analyze and learn from the debate.

Darn It, Competition!

I enjoy working in a niche market. Homeschool debaters couldn’t be niche-ier. They are a very narrow audience with an extremely focused set of needs. I like to think I stay on top of it, but I do have my share of competitors. And darn it, they get under my skin.

NITC 2014

One is Ethos Debate. The organization has traditionally been my strongest competitor. Their camps have always been competitively priced with mine, and we have traditionally wrestled over our success rates. Some years my alumni take the top awards, other years their alumni do. We’ve exchanged #1 and #2 throughout the years as we duke it out in this extremely niche market.

Extremely niche market. This got us both thinking, why are we competing so much? We’re trying to train our students to compete, but perhaps cooperation has some value.

This video has it all. The Taylors are ingenious satirists, absolutely brilliant. My favorite line, “Everything is really just black and white, I guess. Man, this world is really uncomplicated. I’m a good guy!”