On Being Mean

I honestly thought I’d earn some points with people coming to the defense of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Justin Bieber and all of motherhood. Well, I knew I was pushing the envelop with the Biebs, but even so, I didn’t expect the accusation of being mean.


Somehow, my attempt to defend people makes me a bad guy.

We Look Down on Child Free Ideology and We’re Not Sorry

I wish Wendy had more time to write. She has quite a bit to say about family life, and she enjoys encouraging other moms while she raises our 12 children still at home. She threw an article at me last week and said, “Respond to this for me,” and went back to mothering.

How's that Child Free ideology working out for ya?

How’s that Child Free ideology working out for ya?

Blogging for Baby Boomers

My mom, Judy Jeub, recorded a Skype interview that you will find helpful in your blogging journey. Check out the video here.

My mom celebrated her second year of blogging yesterday (www.JudyJeub.com). I set her blog up and trained her in, and she’s been a most loyal daily blogger since. It’s almost a miracle that she’s a blogger, because two years ago she didn’t even know how to turn on a computer.

Judy Jeub Blogger

Congratulations, Mom, on two years of blogging.

Mom’s ambition to blog sprung from a desire to put her writings into order and form a book. Judy Jeub has always been a writer. She has accumulated boxes and boxes of journals over the years, representations of a rich history of stories and experiences to share.

However, the discipline to sit down and pull it all together was hard. Where to begin?

Wrecking Biebs

I may be the only 40-something Christian parent who thinks Justin Bieber is worth believing in. Even after his Lamborghini/DUI scandal. This post is directed to those who disagree with me on this — which is perhaps the entire Christian community. But please, hear me out, or we might as well throw our youth to the wolves.

Who really wrecked Justin Bieber? It's a good question Christians should ask.

Who really wrecked Justin Bieber? I think that’s a worthy question Christians should ask.

Now this is how the arguments for life will persuade people to the pro-life position. Notice how Lila shapes every attempt to marginalize her position back to the more convincing, compassionate respect for human life. While the president of NARAL made only arguments that her pro-choice community would accept, Lila made appeals that only the coarsest person would deny.

Watch for yourself. I believe this is perhaps the most convincing pro-life debate I’ve ever seen.

My Favorite MLK Quote

Personally, one of my favorite historical leaders is Martin Luther King Jr. Here’s why: he pressed a most radical hypothesis beyond a boundary that I personally have reasoned, and the test ended up true. I have had to accept his results in several personal conflicts in my life.

Martin Luther King reminds me of the most excellent criterion to conflict.

Martin Luther King reminds me to value the most excellent criterion to conflict.

I hadn’t always held MLK up with such high regard. It wasn’t until later in my life — after painful conflicts and tribulations toughened me up a bit — that I began to appreciate what he did.

Even Mother Teresa Has Haters

There are those who think Mother Teresa was a heretic. Seriously. My wife got one of those visitors on her Facebook page, calling Mother Teresa a false prophetess of some twisted sort. Mother-freaking-Teresa. For all things holy and good, I can’t let this one go without commenting.

Be careful. This is what a false prophetess looks like.

Careful. This is what the false gospel looks like.

Wendy posted a quote she read during her sister’s memorial service on Saturday:

“Love has no other message but its own. Every day we try to live out Christ’s love in a very tangible way, in every one of our deeds. If we do any preaching, it is done with deeds, not with words. That is our witness to the gospel.” ~Mother Teresa

If you’re thinking these are the words of someone as self-centered and uncaring as the Wolf of Wall Street, you aren’t too far from one of Wendy’s Facebook friends who felt the need to correct Wendy’s blind admiration for Mother Teresa: