Colorado Gets Stoned. Meanwhile, in Monument…

Today is New Year’s Eve in Colorado. Legal manufacturers are reporting $578 million in marijuana sales, and public displays of masses getting stoned will be commonplace in our beautiful state. (Here’s the story.)

There are people getting rich off ruining others' minds. I'm out to reverse that trend.

There are people getting rich off ruining others’ minds. I’m out to reverse that trend.

Meanwhile, I’m here in Monument, Colorado, gearing up for our first For Action Conference. I’m hosting nine speakers tomorrow night for a dinner party, and Thursday 48 students will be flying in from 11 states to join us in “training the mind for action.”

I draw this contrast to bring light to the fact that the mind is under attack today, but Training Minds Ministry is NOT standing down.

Emails Like This Make Ministry Frustrating

Last week I sent out an email to ask for donations to Training Minds Ministry. It’s a great ministry to support — a ministry that “trains minds for action” — and I sometimes wonder why more people don’t support it. It may be because I hardly ever ask for donations. (Please read my appeal here.)

When you understand how I have this all set up, you understand that this is a great ministry to support.

My family — kneeling in front — is pictured here with the rest of California’s Training Minds Debate Camp.

Together with other coaches, I’m plugging away at lots of exciting things. I have a major event coming up this weekend, I have two camps set up for next summer, and I’m anxious to see where Nationals will be in both leagues in order to set up how to help competitors there. Our alumni do awesome in competition — just like they do every year — and what they do beyond in life is even more exciting.

So last week I asked people to support this good work. Financially. Like I said, I don’t ask often, typically only at the end of the year. Here’s a response from someone on my mailing list:

Love and Church

I have a friend who was a former church planter, a pastor of a local church he started. We became friends years ago — still are — and for a long while he was an aggressive advocate for bringing my family to his church. We visited once, but that was all.

Is love in your church?

Is love in your church?

A couple years ago the church elders fired my evangelist friend. There was a brutal uprising, and my friend was let go. It decimated him. He’s now working a commission job. The last time we talked, there was an emptiness in his eyes. I’m not sure there is much faith left.

I wish I had had the courage to tell him years ago why I didn’t like his church. It was because I felt God was not present. I bet he would have vehemently disagreed with me at the time, but to me, that was the ugly truth.

Today, I dare say this: God is not in many churches. This often upsets church leaders when I bring it up with them. But to me, there is a serious sore spot in church culture that should be considered most important.

Consumed in the iPhone

This ad is powerful, and I’ll tell you why. It shows the conflict between GenX and Millennial generations, particularly surrounding technology. What family doesn’t struggle with this conflict?

Click to watch on YouTube.

This video starts out highlighting the preoccupied teenager with his iPhone. I’ve witnessed this among family and friends, haven’t you? The GenX crowd (that’s me) haste to judge this a disengagement and poor attitude. We think the boy is deep into his friends rather than his family.

Want to Give BIG?

I sent out our end-of-the-year donation letter this morning. I’m president of Training Minds Ministry, a 501c3 nonprofit ministry set on “training minds for action” as mandated in 1 Peter 1:13. I really should be more focused on gaining underwriting support. Trouble is, I’m working so hard on the good work we do that I find little time to fund raise.

I've got some specific projects you could be a part of.

I’ve got some specific projects you could be a part of.

My letter will reach nearly 5000 people on my mailing list. Perhaps you’re one of them (if you’re not, click here to read it). This list is a modest list of people who have ordered curriculum, attended camps, or supported students in the past. It’s not a huge, bloated list of wealthy supporters, but the ministry will likely gain some support to help underwrite the work that I am doing with my coaches.

But you’re a subscriber to my personal blog, so I’d like to get a little more personal with you. I have five irons in the fire — you may already be aware of some of them — and as we approach the end of 2013, I want to appeal to you to be directly involved.

Your Christmas May Be Uptight If…

I must be honest with you. I found it way too easy to come up with this list. I used to believe some of the bullet points below. I hope you don’t.

Jeub Christmas Eve Tree

I hope Christmas is a joyful time for you. Remember the awesomeness of the season: the Love of God came into the world. Don’t let grumpiness and legalism steal today’s magnificence away.

The following responses may hit close to home. I actually used to hold on to some of them. Today, Christmas is the most enjoyable, spiritual, wholesome holiday for our family. I chuckle at this list today, knowing how silly it was to allow my mind’s logic rip away the joy of the season. So, I hope this list blesses you.

Your Christmas May Be Uptight If…

Our Best Solution for Healthcare

The Administration made its 16th unilateral change to the Affordable Care Act yesterday, granting one more day for you to sign up for insurance. You’re either going to be insured next year or pay a hefty tax. I’m spending my Christmas Eve considering the miracle birth of Jesus Christ, but perhaps you’re thinking of healthcare.

For my family, we are signed up for one of the Obamacare exemptions, Samaritan. It is a faith-based collaborative group of approximately 25,000 households who look out for one another. You will likely be shopping around for an insurance of some sort, and you may not realize that Samaritan is one of the many exemptions of Obamacare. We will not be paying a fine next year.

If you’re in a corner with few options, consider Samaritan. Let me explain my personal experience, some likely realities of your situation, and how Samaritan may be your solution.

Final Call for the For Action Conference

FINAL CALL: There are a handful of seats still available for the For Action Conference at Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, January 2-4. The top-notch speakers and I are looking forward to speaking into the lives of millennial young adults, calling them to greater purpose in their budding adult lives.

For Acton Conference

Do you know a young adult who needs a call to action? Make plans today to attend the For Action Conference. For more information, visit Feel free to contact me personally.

For Action Conference

January 2-4, 2014
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs