I Have the Guide…Now What?

Over 3,500 copies of my book, Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate, have been distributed to IEW constituents. Chances are good that you got a copy either from me (see my landing page here) or from my partner in promotion, the Institute for Excellence in Writing (who is giving it away for every $100 order this year). IEW hopes to distribute twice as many by year’s end.

Debating in Tulsa

If you have had time to read it, you probably discovered the wealth of information in the little book. It covers all you need to know to jump into the exciting world of speech and debate, even including a free curriculum that usually costs $20. Little time is wasted in this easy and to-the-point read, though I included a couple of good stories to motivate you. As Andrew Pudewa said in the foreword, “Speech and debate tournaments are the most exciting thing on the planet.” I hope you, like thousands of educators across the country, are convinced that speech and debate is a must for you and your home school next year.

Okay, so you’re convinced that you should do speech and debate. Now what?

I’ve got five action steps for you to consider, each of which will help make sure your first year of speech and debate are enjoyable and successful.

My First Kindle Download Is FREE

You would think that a publisher like me would be more savvy when it came to Kindle downloads. Surprise! This has been a weakness in my business. But no longer. I braved the learning curve and I am now an Amazon Kindle Publisher.

LITH cover art - 3D

I just uploaded Wendy and my first book together, Love in the House: Filling Your Home With the Greatest Commandment. I learned the ropes of Kindle publishing and I hope more titles will follow. Two things from my development you may enjoy:

  1. The book will be available for FREE through Monday night.
  2. Wendy and I would love it if you shared this offer with those whom you love.

Let me explain a bit more detail of these two developments. I honestly believe you will find this interesting and enriching.

My friend, Howie, and his wife, Carrie, babysat my kids the other night. He took this picture and posted it on his Facebook stating, “What it’s like to be Chris Jeub at dinner.” (Taken by Howie Whitcomb)

Andrew Pudewa on Getting Involved

Andrew Pudewa gave a great shout-out to a room packed with homeschool parents last week in Virginia. I stripped the audio below for you to listen to. It’s one minute long, and then I’d like to invite you to take advantage of one of three opportunities—all ending at the end of this month.

Isn’t that great? I sure am grateful for friends like Andrew. He reaches a much larger audience than my little niche of speakers and debaters (see www.IEW.com), but you can tell he wants my little niche to grow big.

Does Prayer Actually Work?

This was the view off my back deck yesterday. The fire has spread significantly today, threatening evacuations of friends at the top of the ridge in this picture. This is one horrific fire that has displaced thousands of families.

Black Forest Fire

I believe we’re safe, for now. Everyone in the area has felt a bit helpless. See the YouTube video I took just moments ago (Wednesday, 2:55pm). There’s not much we can do when the wind blows like that. Besides pray.

We were in a very similar situation one year ago with the Waldo Canyon Fire. This fire was the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history, and my family even evacuated at one point. We did just as much praying—probably more—as we packed up our trailer with treasured items and took photos throughout the house with our phones in case we needed to make insurance claims.

This article is an unfettered appeal to you for prayer. Those families suffering the loss of their homes and livelihood need you. The firefighters, law enforcement, civil servants and everyone involved in fighting the Black Forest Fire do too. I believe prayer works.

I’m reminded of an article I posted on our family blog last year. Shortly after the fire’s worst day when the community was extremely thankful for the time being over, a noted atheist in the community posted an article slamming Christians for praying. He made the audacious, offensive and unwarranted claim that “the evidence” showed prayer had nothing to do with anything.

Well, I took issue with the claim. I hope this article—republished from July 5, 2012—encourages you to make an appeal to God:

Make-a-Wish for Speech and Debate Camp

If you had leukemia, and someone granted you the wish of a fully-funded trip of your choice, where would you go? Fulfilling such wishes is what the Make-a-Wish Foundation does. They contacted me to let me know that a 17-year-old from Missouri has made her wish to attend my Training Minds Camp this summer.

Make-a-Wish Foundation of Missouri

This is incredible. What a privilege and honor this is. Most young people would opt for Disneyland or meeting Justin Bieber, but this young lady is choosing debate camp. Now that’s WOW for you!

There’s quite a bit to this story. I’d like to focus on three specifics that are certain to inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

Survey on 2014 Speaking Topics

Here’s a peak under the hood of my 2014 plans: Wendy and I plan to take an extended trip around the country and do a bunch of speaking engagements. Here’s what we have planned so far, and I’d appreciate your feedback.

Wendy and I attended a huge homeschool conference last weekend. We intend to make a run through many conferences in 2014.

Wendy and I attended a huge homeschool conference last weekend. We intend to make a run through several conferences in 2014.