FREE Webinar (Limited Seating)

I absolutely love teaching communication skills through my camps and curriculum, and the families involved are the best people in the world. Now is the time to consider speech and debate for your kids: I’m co-hosting a FREE webinar on Tuesday, and I’m giving away $80 gift packages to three winners who attend.

Seating limited to 100.

This is an incredibly niche market I’m in. I get that. You may have heard little of it. I didn’t know much about speech and debate when I started teaching it in 1995. I was a brand new English teacher thrown into the fray of forensics. I didn’t know anything!

But I fell in love with it. Everything I aspired to as a teacher was wrapped up in speech and debate. The rest of my story is an exciting history:

Quality Over Quantity

Rather than daily, I have been blogging 3-4 times weekly. I’m revving up to the busiest time of my year and must focus on publishing and camps. I still want to put ample time into every post, and would rather focus on content quality rather than content quantity.

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The Resistance

My journaling helps me sort out deep, troubling issues in my life. The more troubling, the less likely they trickle onto my blog. But not today. I want to share with you one that I wrestled with lately: the Resistance.

Speaking in PA

At the Platform Conference, attendees were given a powerful little book, Do The Work, by Steven Pressfield. It speaks of the Resistance, an annoying reality for anyone eager to do great things. It seems that the more successful I become, the greater the Resistance is in my life.

Why and How to Judging Speech & Debate

Throughout tournament season, our friends get asked several times to judge speech and debate tournaments. The Jeubs have five competitors involved in 22 total events, and we need to provide judges at tournaments we attend. Needless to say, we rely on our friends (could be you) for help!


My daughter Tabitha is at the podium. We need judges to help tournaments run smoothly.

NOTE: If you’d like to know the tournaments we need the most help, visit my Judging Landing Page.

The biggest hesitation to volunteering time is simple: the unknown. Our family is so entrenched in tournament lingo that we forget that it is a foreign concept to most people. This post explains two things:

  1. Why you should judge at a tournament.
  2. How you go about judging.

Let me say this before answering these two: you won’t regret doing this. This is the truth: we have only received positive feedback from our friends who judge at tournaments. If you have a friend who’s bugging you to judge at a tournament, be encouraged. Once you do it, you’ll see why they are so excited about it. You’ll have a lot of fun and be enlightened!

My daughter Tabitha is performing in The Thorn, an incredible drama of the Easter story. This picture with her friend was taken last night at the final dress rehearsal. Their first show is tonight. To order tickets, see here.

Speaking in Public

Wendy and I are preparing to fly out to Pennsylvania for a private speaking opportunity. We’re spending much of this week to prepare for it, and we love the idea of speaking in front of the 50-or-so gathered to hear what we have to say about Love in the House. We’re giddy excited for it. Are we crazy for feeling this?

SCORRE with Ken

You may be thinking that. Most people would rather die than speak in public. Wendy used to be one of those people. But not anymore. The both of us look forward to speaking in public because of the wonderful SCORRE Conference. And I’ve got quite a deal for you! But first, let me explain.