Long run effects – in the long run, you get caught, in the long run, kindness wins out, in the long run, we learn about who you really are – all of those are happening faster than they used to.

–Seth Godin

Personal Workspace

I watched the first session to Michael Hyatt’s Platform University last night, a subscription I signed up with last week. I admit, I’m a bit behind in class, but I’m all caught up now. The interviewer, Stu, asked a very good question about personal workspace.

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“Is your work environment critical to really creating that WOW experience?” My ears lit up and I sat up straight. This is exactly what I’ve been asking with my latest ebook.

For Action Coach

I’ve been holding off from creating a tagline for my blog. I’m building a platform and I don’t want to take the tagline lightly. I’m stepping out on this post to explain what I’m thinking, but I’m still not going to post it in my heading until I’ve given it some more thought (and maybe get some feedback from you). That said, I think I’m getting close.

Training Minds for Action

Okay, this is a long post, but I cannot help myself on this one. This is big, and I hope you can bear with me and help me in the comment section below. First, I have three reasons why I don’t think a tagline to a platform should be taken lightly. Here they are:

Free Curriculum

Yesterday I launched Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate, the preorder deal, at least. The 5th Edition comes with a free curriculum alongside it. I can’t decide which one I like better: the book or the free curriculum. The accompanying curriculum is awesome!

Being impressed is easy. But how do you teach this stuff?

Being impressed is easy. But how do you teach this stuff?

See, I’m pumped that parents and teachers want their kids to jump into the world of forensics. The book attempt to make it easy, but over and over I heard people say how they wanted a curriculum—something that just told them how to do it. That’s what this does: it serves to make speech and debate easy to understand, easy to get involved, and easy to pull others into this great community. I had these three purposes in mind when I wrote this curriculum with the book this time around. 

Chris Jeub’s work has been a tremendous influence throughout our journey [through speech and debate]. If tournaments are the most exciting thing happening on the planet, Chris Jeub is in the middle of that excitement.

– Andrew Pudewa, IEW Founder

Jeub's Guide to Speech & Debate (Monument: Monument Publishing, 2013), 7

Don’t listen to that mocking little voice that tells you to be more realistic. Ignore it. You can either accept reality as it is or create it as you wish it to be. This is the essence of dreaming—and thinking big.

Platform (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2012), 38

My Best Business Move Last Year

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying My Sweet Home Office SuiteAnd my free book is going to be offered till the end of the month. I hope you’ve downloaded it! I’m reminded about why I love this office so much, and why I think everyone should consider building their own office suite.

My Sweet Home Office Suite

Do you remember what I did? I flew my dad from Minnesota to help me and my two sons build into my garage a 500 square foot office. My previous office was simply a room with a desk in it. It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The walls were thin and the kids ran through constantly. Needless to say, I needed my own space to work.

Our Narrative of Others – Part 2

Yesterday I shared about the narrative I had in my head of my littler sister, Kate. (Read Our Narrative of Others Part 1.) It wasn’t a good story, and though at the time I thought I was justified, the story needed to change. In the process, I learned a very profound tactic that I have found tremendously healing in my life: change the narrative, change the relationship.

A classic merry-go-round at Birch Haven Resort.

A classic merry-go-round at Birch Haven Resort.

Then came the tough part, trying to get together with Kate. My little growing game was done totally separate from her, so she may have had a pretty nasty narrative about me in her head (actually, I bet she did). She may have even been fine with never talking with me again. So I showed up at her resort and rented some cabins with my wife and kids. How could she say no? We stayed for a few days.