Speech & Debate

Speech & Debate

I’ve been coaching speech and debate since 1995 and started Training Minds in 2001, a nonprofit 501c3 whose purpose is to prepare young speakers and debaters for competition. My coaches and I run camps, write curriculum, and coach students all over the country. We’ve had quite the run at success over the years, every year consistently sending our alumni to nationals and winning.

I published the original Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate in 2001. Now in its 5th edition, the manual is the most comprehensive and thorough explanation on the market of what it takes to get involved. Competing in the NCFCA, NFL (the “f” stands for “forensic,” not “football”) and Stoa leagues can be confusing to the new teacher. Hense the “guide” of Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate.

Updated Information + Free Curriculum

Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate comes with all updated information to compete in the NCFCA, Stoa and NFL leagues. It also delves into the different options educators have in setting up their speech and debate curriculum. Whether a homeschooler, private-schooler or a public schooler (or a mixture of some sort), you’ll find Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate with the answers you need.

Better yet, it comes with free curriculum! If you’re an educator, you sure could use a foundational curriculum to help students through the forensics world. Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate comes with a digital access code to 12 foundational lessons that can be adapted to your students’ needs. No need to buy this separately. You get it free with the book!


The 5th Edition of Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate will satisfy your desire to know how to do this rightInformation on leagues, organizations, events, debate formats, tournament needs, and student performances are examined thoroughly. I wrote the specifically for students, parents, coaches, teachers and administrators. Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate is a needed resource for all interested in the art of forensics competition. Consider the Table of Contents:

Foreword by Andrew Pudewa

1. Educational Options

Three Educational Choices
Time Commitment
Other Organizations
Resources to Help
Your School’s Curriculum

2. Speech

Platform Speaking
Literary Interpretation
Other Speeches

3. Limited Preparation


4. Debate

Public Forum

5. Tournaments

Ethical Evidence
Read the Rules
Registration Deadlines

6. The C’s to Success


7. Conclusion

Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate prepares students for competition. I have dedicated the last 20 years to the development of the speaking child through my work as president of Training Minds. I’m a teacher, coach, speaker, coordinator and parent who cares deeply about the development of speaking and debating skills in all young people. Order this book to get into this wonderful community!


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