Lydia’s Artistry

I love encouraging artistry in my children. My daughter Lydia is 18 and a senior in high school, but I don’t think she’s ever picked up a pencil and attempted to draw. She may have found a new gift. (Pencil drawing by Lydia Jeub)

How do we do it? We do it just like anyone else can: We’re creative. Are we more so than most? We don’t believe so. God gave us the ability to adapt and adjust, able to make things happen using little but the resources around us.

Chris & Wendy Jeub
Love in the House (Monument: Monument Publishing, 2007)

Risk and Danger

Yesterday I posted on our two recreational activities I enjoy with my children (skiing and hunting). There is a common element that draws us to these activities: Risk. And I believe that a healthy understanding of risk is a good thing.

Sighting in Rifles

This weirds some people out. Seriously, I’ve had people question my parenting wisdom because I teach my 10-year-olds how to shoot high-powered rifles. I’ve had dads tell me they won’t own a trampoline because they’re dangerous.

My Two Recreational Traditions

I have something to confess. I don’t mind working like a horse. Doing that which you love makes it even harder. I’m fine with working day-in and day-out. But you know what? I have to make time for recreation.

Skiing in 2009

Today I’m heading to the mountains with my kids. We make a yearly venture of it, this picture taken from 2009. There will be 11 of us tackling the Monarch Mountain today. Look out!

I have two activities that I do with my kids every year. 

The greatest factor in most couples’ reluctance to love another child is fear. It is fear that holds most of us back. Not enough money… Not enough time… Can’t give attention to so many children… What will my parents think?… How many children can my body stand? When you read Love Another Child you will learn courage and have peace.

Ron and Ruth Stauffer
Love Another Child (Monument: Monument Publishing, 2011)

My iProcess for Great Blog Photos

Many bloggers use stock photos for their posts, and even more steal stock photos for their posts. I’ve got a robust method for keeping original and copyrighted photos on every single post at, and it isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think.

DIA Airport

I take my own pictures. I carry my Canon T2i on big trips where I want stellar photos, but for a practical purposes, my iPhone 4s works great for both photos and movies. I always have it on me, and when the opportunity arises, I pull it out and snap some cool photos or movies. These pictures and movies become the eye candy for my blog posts. Let me list for you the reasons why I think this is great…

I spent the last two days in Oklahoma with the Institute for the Excellence in Writing people. Their approach to writing is very similar to my approach to speech and debate. They’re some of the most focused and caring people I’ve known. I am excited for our growing business relationship.