Stories Behind the Covers

My bestselling books are Blue Book and Red Book, sourcebooks for academic debaters in two types of debate formats. Since 2007, I’ve placed students on the covers, and this year they have some cool stories behind them.

All our sourcebooks have students on the covers, and they have their own stories.

Students are from the previous year are on the cover of my sourcebooks, and they have their own stories.

Making Speech and Debate Simple

This is a picture of the Showcase of Champions, a special two-hour event capping off the NCFCA National Tournament. My son, Micah, won Humorous Interpretation, the first ever to win the same title in both NCFCA and Stoa homeschool leagues.

Showcase of Champions 2014

That’s right, we attended both national tournaments. Stoa and NCFCA serve over 5000 homeschoolers nationwide in offering top-level competition for families, and I can honestly testify:


My son Micah won the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions last month in Humorous Interpretation. This video is of the final round, taken by Michele Geesaman off her iPad.

Stoa Blue Book Is Set for Success

The case list for Stoa Blue Book, Monument Publishing’s sourcebook for team-policy debaters in Stoa speech and debate league, released this morning. I’ve got several reasons you’re going to love this year’s book.

The 2014 Stoa National Champions, Reesey Rea and Megan McKinley.

The 2014 Stoa National Champions, Reesey Rea and Megan McKinley.

How many captions can you come up with from this awful butchering of the English language (complements of Frontier Airlines)… (iPhone 4s)

No Vendor Booth? No Problem.

I missed the application deadline for a booth at NCFCA Nationals. I made proper appeals, but the answer is firm: no Training Minds booth at Nationals. So here’s what we’re going to do, and I think you are going to like it even better.

There won't be a Training Minds booth at NCFCA Nats. But no worries, we're gonna take good care of you anyway.

MEET UP: Free timepieces, coaching support, shipping, and more.

I’m hosting the first Training Minds MEET UP. What is a meet up? It is a gathering at a disclosed location for anyone who wants to stop by and learn more about what I do with Training Minds and Monument Publishing. I’ll have a box of nifty timepieces to give to anyone who registers, PLUS to the first 10 who just plain old show up.