Final Call for the For Action Conference

FINAL CALL: There are a handful of seats still available for the For Action Conference at Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, January 2-4. The top-notch speakers and I are looking forward to speaking into the lives of millennial young adults, calling them to greater purpose in their budding adult lives.

For Acton Conference

Do you know a young adult who needs a call to action? Make plans today to attend the For Action Conference. For more information, visit Feel free to contact me personally.

For Action Conference

January 2-4, 2014
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs

Merry Christmas from Blimey Cow

I do not think I can express how excited I am to have Josh and Jordan Taylor of Blimey Cow joining us in Colorado Springs for the For Action Conference. Check out their latest video:

Don’t know who the Taylors are? You probably know from their videos. Every Monday they get significant Internet traction from the movies they make. They cover all sorts of topics that get you thinking about the true meaning of things. This week is Christmas.

Those Homeschool “Apostates”

Kathryn Joyce seems to write against much of what I personally believe. She came out with an article in The American Prospect (“The Homeschool Apostates”) that challenges homeschooling, something of which I have a long and rich history. She makes an interesting connection between academic debaters and the homeschool movement, really stirring the pot of my world.


Read Kathryn Joyce’s article “The Homeschool Apostates.”

Three Walks in My Life Journey

This post is one of those deep meaning-of-life posts. You may roll your eyes if you like, but perhaps you’ll find it edifying. Either which way, I find it refreshing — sort of like a confession — to publish posts like this now and then. This post is a reflection on three types of walks in my life journey.

I guess I think of my mom when I post a deep thought like this one.

I guess I think of my mom when I post a deep thought like this one.

Questions from Georgetown

A day hardly goes by where someone asks me about this “whole speech and debate thing,” especially in homeschool circles. I had a college student from Georgetown University ask me some pointed questions. If you’re asking questions, perhaps these answers will help you, too.

postings at a tournament

Little Drummer Boy

What’s your all-time favorite Christmas carol? Without thinking for a second, mine is Little Drummer Boy. I grew up a marching band drummer, but that’s beside the point. Little Drummer Boy embeds the secret of the universe in which we all live.

Christmas is probably the most significant story in history. Seriously. Whether you’re a Christian or not, the entire universe is rolled up in Christmas and Little Drummer Boy shows it. Let me explain.