Reminded Why We Do Camp

I’m at a national open tournament in Minnesota this weekend. I was reminded of this article that I published last year of why we do camps. Share this with others whom you feel would benefit from this activity.

Last year my wife, Wendy, attended a tournament early in the year. A new debater took the podium, knees shaking, voice barely audible, and she ended up crying. She was 14 years old and had a terrifying experience.

This is a picture of a scrimmage at camp. The coach guides the students through the arguments to help train the students to think and persuade.

This is a picture of a scrimmage at camp. The coach guides the students through the arguments to help train the students to think and persuade.

3 Christlike Interpretations You Never See in Jesus Movies

My son Isaiah and I went to see Son of God on Sunday. Not a bad movie, but not a particularly good one either. I was hoping to see a few Christlike interpretations that I never see in Jesus flicks.

Son of God
Literary interpretation of Jesus is tricky business. It seems to offend people. Son of God is being criticized for all sorts of interpretations, but I cut them slack. They — just like any pastor, theologian, or layman (including you and me) — attempt to fill in the margins of what is revealed in scripture to better understand the personality of Jesus.

Warning: my interpretation is quite different from the circles of movie producers. Perhaps this is a good thing. I wasn’t impressed by the interpretation of Jesus in Son of God, and I have to admit I am seldom impressed when I see Jesus portrayed on the silver screen. Son of God had a few redeeming qualities, but there were three Christlike characteristics that when I read Scripture — and I’ve read the stories of Jesus countless times — show me a unique perspective to the Easter story. These characteristics involved Jesus’ ability to see his future, deal with his foes, and overcome his fear.

I will be joining two title-winning coaches, Matthew Erickson and Cheyenne Ossen, at CCU to train a group of Lincoln-Douglas debaters for next year’s competition.

Date: July 27, 2014—July 30, 2014
Event: Lincoln-Douglas Camp in Colorado
Topic: Lincoln Douglas Camp in Colorado
Sponsor: Training Minds Ministry
Venue: Colorado Christian University
Location: Lakewood, CO
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

NITC Promo Video

If you qualified to NITOC or NCFCA Nationals, you should seriously consider NITC. Check out how many champions are in this promo video.

My organization, Training Minds Ministry, is teaming up with my leading competitor, Ethos Debate Camp, to give students the absolute best coaching possible. Attendees of NITC will definitely be making the most of their nationals experience. Click on one of the two camp images below for your NITC:

stoa-nitc-300x220 nitc-ncfca-300x220

Or find out more at


Plan Ahead for Camp

At this time of the year, it’s tough for competitors to focus on camps. Naturally, we’re in the heat of competition. I just returned from a California tournament, and already my kids are gearing up to attend the Rocky Mountain Classic this weekend. Busy, but we’ve got to be attentive to opportunities down the road.

Josiah Tey at camp last summer. He just won the largest tournament of this season.

Josiah Tey at camp last summer. He just won the largest tournament of this season.

I have two camp registrations opening at noon. The camps aren’t till May and July, but they’re significant steps for students who want to finish the year off strong and start the next year even stronger. If you are a competitor speaker and/or debater, be sure to consider:

  1. Nationals Intensive Training Camp (NITC). The Stoa national tournament announced two weeks ago, and I bring the best coaches together for two days of preparatory drills, scrimmages, flow exchange, and encouragement to prepare students for their final tournament of the year. If you earned a qualifying slot to NITOC, register here. (NCFCA NITC registration has been open for a while…see here.)
  2. Colorado Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp (CCU Denver). Colorado has traditionally been a leader in Lincoln-Douglas values debate, and 2012 champion Matthew Erickson and 2013 top speaker Cheyenne Ossen make a great team to pass on the heritage. The LD camp is specifically tailored for LDers who want to take their debating to the next level, as well as students who are just starting out in this unique debate format.

There are two reasons I’m asking for you to consider signing up for these camps now.

The Camp With Consistent Results

I host camps in the summer to help homeschoolers get ready for a year of competition (see our Texas camp here). That’s at the beginning of the year. The end of the year, however, is where all my students expect results.

We Skyped renowned training in from Europe.

We Skyped renowned training in from Europe.

The picture above is from last summer’s NITC (Nationals Intensive Training Camp). Coach Vance Trefethen — co-author of the most popular team-policy sourcebook in the homeschool circuit — Skyped in all the way from France to coach these girls through a scrimmage round.

Earlier this week, the team on the left finished the largest debate tournament this year, the Concordia Challenge in Irvine, CA. The Murphy sisters (Ryan Kelly and Taryn) took first place out of 106 team-policy debate teams.

Sunrise and Snow

Here I stand
In the light of day
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway

from Walt Disney’s “Frozen”

(iPhone 4)

One Page to Blogging

If my mom can blog, so can you. Nothing against my mom  — she’s intelligent, wise, and the most spiritually sound person I know. She’s just not the kind of person who jives with technology. Nevertheless, today she’s a daily blogger at

I just know there are lots of Judy Jeubs out there. These are people who have all the desire in the world to share their thoughts with the world, but they’re sort of stuck in the old world of book publishing and magazine submissions.

Sale Ends Tomorrow for For Action CD Set

I dream big, don’t you? I like to dig deep into the corners of life that actually mean something, that bring value to those around me, and to the greater good of mankind. But sometimes I need to bring it all down to earth.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

Down to earth is where platform builders need to be, at least when it comes to getting the work done. In January, I gathered a dozen speakers and 50 attendees for what was perhaps the best down-to-earth conference to help close the gap between  dreams and reality.

This was the For Action Conference. Wow, was it something else! We spent three days learning incredible secrets from some of the most dynamic minds in the active world.

If you missed it, no worries. I have most of the conference on CD, and we’re running a sale through tomorrow for you. I have three “action items” for you to consider that will help you on your journey to action in your life.