Training Minds 1-Day Public Speaking Intensive

Training Minds Public Speaking Intensive

I’m thrilled about this 1-day public speaking intensive taking place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. A group of competitive speakers and debaters are helping lead a group of young people through proven speaking methods that help students get over their fear of speaking and deliver with confidence a well thought-through speech. If you are between 10 and 18, you will want to be part of this new Training Minds event. (more…)

Sourcebook Upgrades (and Save 10 Bucks)

I’ve been publishing sourcebooks for homeschoolers since 1998. Every year my team of coaches and debaters pull together the highly anticipated Blue, Red, Gold, Silver and Bronze books — just in time for the start of the school year. They have their advantages, but there are some unfortunate disadvantages.

Blue Book sourcebook material.

No doubt about it: If you’re speaking or debating, you’ll need the sourcebook material.

Help Fill Jeub Judging Slots

Throughout tournament season, our friends get asked several times to judge speech and debate tournaments. The Jeubs have five competitors involved in 22 total events, and we need to provide judges at tournaments we attend. Needless to say, we rely on our friends (could be you) for help!

You could be a big help, and it isn't as difficult or scary as you think.

You could be a big help, and it isn’t as difficult or scary as you think.

Finishing as Strong As You Can

In less than two weeks I’ll be in San Marcos, California, preparing for our Nationals Intensive Training Camp. We’ll have 50+ students and coaches gathering for a “Secret Society” of national debate champs.

NITC 2014

Let me explain briefly what this event will be, then invite you to consider future events like it.

I’ll be coaching NCFCA debaters for their Nationals competition at Patrick Henry College in Virginia. I’m joining forces with Isaiah McPeak of Ethos Publications, so this should be good!

Date: June 6, 2014—June 7, 2014
Event: NCFCA Nationals NITC Camp
Topic: Nationals Intensive Training Camp
Sponsor: Ethos Publications
Venue: Blue Ridge Bible Church
Location: Purcellville, VA
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Stupid Arguments From Christian Movie Goers

I’ve been conditioned to be disappointed in Hollywood. What Christian hasn’t? This year is different. Hollywood is pouring millions into spiritual and biblical films. I’ve applauded the effort, but there are some who argue that I shouldn’t.


I enjoyed Son of God and Noah so far this year, and I’d like to see some of the others that have come out (particularly Heaven Is for Real and God’s Not Dead). Later this year Christian Bale is playing Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings and Nicolas Cage is starring in Left Behind.

Holy flaming bushes. All of this from Hollywood? Wow, these are interesting times indeed.

I have been a believing Christian since I was 17, and I cannot recall a time where there has been such open dialogue and discovery of God’s intense stories of redemption and hope. These stories used to be embarrassing to talk about, but now they’re selling out theaters. As a debate coach, I have made a few attempts to engage in the discussion on this blog, and I’ve been encouraged by the dialogue.

But there is a disgruntled bunch of Christians who have not been so enthusiastic. Their reactions have become somewhat predictable: enraged, offended, shocked. I wish they would turn their attention to more productive dialogue. I have found their contributions to be largely annoying and unreasonable.

Today it seems the discussion of spiritual matters aren’t so embarrassing, but some who you’d think would be participating are instead embarrassing themselves with illogical and angry responses.

Please allow me to list these five arguments that I’ve seen most common. I believe they’re stupid. If you’ve been a perpetrator of these arguments, wise up and pull yourself together. You’re missing out on some very interesting developments in modern entertainment culture.

The REAL Reason Josh Taylor Is Keynoting

Training Minds is bringing in Josh Taylor as our keynote speaker to our main camp in Texas this summer. Josh is extremely successful at one of the hottest genres in the online world, but I have a bigger reason for bringing him in that may interest you.

Josh Taylor was also a speaker at our recent For Action Conference.

Josh Taylor was also a speaker at our recent For Action Conference where he connected with students from across the country.

Doug Phillips, High Priest

Like other homeschool leaders, I’ve done my share of postulating on what should be done with the Doug Phillips sex scandal (see Patriarchy Has Got to Go). But can I be personal with you? The discussion is disturbing me more than I like to admit. I’ve got a gut-level rage inside me that I haven’t felt for 27 years.

Depiction of the Fall of Jerusalem by Francesco Hayez.

Depiction of the Fall of Jerusalem by Francesco Hayez.