Five Elements to Every Debate Round

Class starts today, and I'm scaling back to the rudimentary basics.

Today marks Day 1 of my Debate Class at High Country Home Educators in Colorado Springs. This is the first time I have taught a debate class without considering competition, sort of a new thing for me.

I have a collection of argumentation books. They're rather boring.

I have a collection of antique logic and argumentation books. They’re rather boring.

Our First Day of School…after 23 Years of Homeschooling

Why half of our children are attending school this year

Yesterday was the first day of school. Six of our children will be attending Monument Academy, a charter school three miles from our home. Yes, this homeschool advocate is sending a bunch of his kids to a public school.

To tell you the truth, I don’t believe our homeschool beliefs have changed much at all.

To tell you the truth, I don’t believe our homeschool beliefs have changed much at all.

Noncompetitive Debate Class

After years of insisting on competition, I'm teaching a class without tournament competition as the goal

I start teaching in less than two weeks in Colorado Springs. The class is a new idea in academic forensics: noncompetitive debate. I plan to blog through the 12-week course, and you may be more interested in this than you think.

Few are arguing whether debate is valuable. Many just don't want to treat it like a sport.

Few are arguing whether debate is valuable. Many just don’t want to treat it like a sport.

Why You Should Subscribe to Training Minds Podcast

Like no other podcasts since its inception, Episodes 43-45 set competitors up for the year of competition. Let me explain why, and better yet, why you will want to subscribe to its email reminders.

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August 1 is the big release date for Monument Publishing’s seven sourcebooks. These are my company’s bestselling sourcebooks with champion speakers, debaters and coaches working rigorously this summer to bring together the best content available for NCFCA and Stoa competitors nationwide.

Dominant Design of Speech and Debate

The following is taken from Monument Publishing’s Ironman Curriculum, a curriculum I help rewrite every year with my team of writers and coaches. It is due for release August 1, 2015. Click here to preview lesson plans and syllabi.

I believe we have a dominant design for modern education. I’m a home school dad, but my roots are in public education (my undergraduate work is in secondary English education). But the lines have blurred quite a bit in today’s educational market. Home education, charter education, private education, online education, and public education all are trying to embrace the best educational model for growing kids.

NITOC 2012

Picture taken during the final round at NITOC 2012.