Does Debate Teach How to Lie?

I reference this article in the Training Minds Podcast on evidence ethics. To listen, visit

I get a common question from skeptical parents: Won’t debate teach my child how to lie? I’d like to answer this question by referring to a story of years ago when I was caught in a lie. I learned something incredibly valuable — not just for debate training, but for life, too.


We Love Samaritan Because It Works

Government rarely provides more efficient, more effective, or more affordable solutions than private sector solutions. But sometimes private sector solutions fall short, too. This is why I opt out of both solutions when it comes to my family’s healthcare.

This small group of people take care of over 100,000 people and their health care needs.

My household is one of the 30,000 members of Samaritan Ministries, a healthcare collective who — like “good Samaritans” — help one another through healthcare-related emergencies. It is…

  1. NOT a government healthcare plan. Samaritan is one of the many exceptions to the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). We have not needed (nor wanted) to accept Obamacare’s health care solution and we do not need to pay a tax penalty for our refusal.
  2. NOT a private insurance company. We do not own typical health insurance. This may seem risky to some, but we have never been without our medical needs taken care of.

Wendy and I are absolutely convinced that Samaritan Ministries is the best solution for my family. It may be the best solution for you, too.

I’d like to share with you why I’m so confident in this alternative solution. It is definitely a paradigm shift, but I have found it far worth it for the sake of these three considerations: efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. These are considerations usually decided upon by everyone but you — the doctors, the insurance company, or the government. Samaritan puts these in your control, and I think that’s worth it. Let’s explore each.

Valentine’s Day Rock

Happy 2015 Valentine’s Day! Check out these pictures Wendy and I took on a hike yesterday. I’d like to share with you where our hearts are at the moment. I hope it touches yours.

Our "heart rock," discovered in Pike National Forest 2015.

Our “heart rock,” discovered in Pike National Forest 2015.

Inflating Biographies

Look, I understand the problem with Brian Williams and journalistic integrity. There is no excuse for his “inflating biography” of self-aggrandizing fabrications. But I have a few thoughts that has me thinking the Williams story is a turning point in journalistic culture. That’s my hope, anyway.

Williams apologized for the "mistake" of lying. I think this is a step in the right direction.

Williams apologized for the “mistake” of lying. I think this is a step in the right direction.

Opportunity in the NFL

I stumbled across a huge opportunity on Super Bowl Sunday, an opportunity that is great for both Stoa and NFL competitors. The National Forensic League, the public school speech and debate league, that is.

Stoa Nationals 2012

Stoa Nationals 2012

A quick history: I own Monument Publishing, a company who caters to a small homeschool debate league called Stoa. Every year Stoa chooses a policy debate topic for the students to debate. A few thousand debaters are debating this year’s topic: domestic surveillance

The National Forensic League is Stoa’s public school counterpart. It has about a million members nationwide. The league announces its debate resolution at this time every year, and yesterday I stumbled across it: domestic surveillance

Palmer Lake Reservoirs

It wasn’t so much of a cold spell in Colorado at the turn of the year, but it was perfect for this steady climb to the Palmer Lake Reservoirs.  Palmer Lake is the neighboring town from where we live, and we have the perfect idea to cap off a nice hike if you’re ever in the area.

Palmer Lake Reservors is a brisk walk to beautiful mountain scenery.

Palmer Lake Reservoirs is a brisk walk to beautiful mountain scenery.

New Category: Hiking in Colorado

I feel sort of embarrassed to tell you this. My family has lived in Colorado for 14 years. We should know the foothills of the Front Range like the back of our hands by now, but we don’t. We’re going to change that.

Hiking 2014

Finger Mountain in the background, this trail is just minutes from our home.

I’m starting a new blog category: “Hiking.” Not a hiker? That’s okay. I suspect you’re going to like this added journey to my blog anyway. I believe there are many reasons hiking will be good for my family, three come to mind more prominently. Hiking is…

  1. good for the spirit.
  2. good for the family.
  3. good for the physique.

Even if you don’t live in Colorado, I hope you find this blog category helpful to you. We all can use help in these three areas of our life, can’t we? Let me explore a little deeper with you.