Don’t Be So Quick to Write Off H.A.

Some see Homeschoolers Anonymous as a group of misfits who are a threat to homeschooling itself. I see them differently, and I have reasons why I’m hesitant to write them off as such. If you look past their edginess, you may see what I see: a powerful resource to the development of the homeschool movement.

Stories like these don't help the greater cause. Do they?

The Jackson brothers are due to return to court September 25. Could stories like these help the homeschool movement?

Training Minds Podcast: Episode 1

I am more excited about today than I have been in a long, long time. I managed to put together the first Training Minds Podcast, and I suspect you’re going to love it.

NITC Coaches

These are some of my coaches. Travis (far left) is the first Training Minds Podcast coach to deliver the first two episodes of content.

What Exactly About Patriarchy Needs to Go?

In April I responded to the Doug Phillips sex scandal by publicly decrying that Patriarchy Has Got to GoMy little tweet in the wilderness made an impact, but homeschool leader and co-founder of HSLDA Michael Farris dropped a bombshell last week.

Doug Phillips and his family strategies

The ideology of patriarchy spread far and wide within homeschooling through the resources of Doug Phillips.